Lecture Series: “The Monarchy in Modern Japan, With a Special Focus on the Abdication Issue” by Dr. Ken Ruoff

Reception: Meiji at 150 Kick-Off Party

Lecture Series: “How Green Was My Night Soil: Thinking with Excrement about Nineteenth-Century Japan” by Dr. David L. Howell

Lecture Series: “The Emperor and His Poetic Subjects: The Utakai Hajime Ceremony and Meiji Japan” by Dr. Gideon Fujiwara

Lecture Series: “Taking Synchrony Seriously: The Crises of 1866 in Japanese and Global History” by Dr. Mark Metzler

Cancelled: “Living in the Face of Death: Martial Mindfulness in Modern Japan”

Workshop: “Photography・Modernity・Japan―写真・モダニティ・日本”

Lecture Series: “Fracturing Families: Adoption for Heirship from Tokugawa to Meiji” by Dr. Marcia Yonemoto

History Colloquium: “Illumination and its Discontents: Electricity Theft and the Political Economy of Japanese Energy”

Workshop: “Built Japan: Environment, City, and Empire”